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Digital Marketing made Easy

Digital Marketing 

The best part about social networks is that anyone can get involved in marketing activities. Our approach is not to hoard work and we don't believe we have all the good ideas. At Ascendancy Solutions we provide brand management and strategic guidance while involving you in the process and helping you develop your social media marketing skills. 

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All-In-One Social Inbox

​Save hours of time and tonnes of hassle by having all your social messages centralised in one, simple and intuitively designed stream. On the stream you can engage customers, join online conversation and respond directly to your customers more quickly and efficiently than before. 

Social Network Listening

Monitor your brand and get insight into what customers are talking about. With our online tool you can collect data related to certain key words and phrases which are relevant to your brand. You can even identify influencers and conversation leaders, who impact your market or industry. 

Online Calendar

Ascendancy Solutions customers benefit from access to an advanced social media publishing tool. Our online content calendar makes it easy for you to schedule posts, target customers, geocode content and perform bulk scheduling. Customers are also able to review and approve publications in one simple, easy to use interface linked to the Ascendancy Solutions team. 

Analytics and Reporting

Track the performance of your digital campaigns from your Facebook pages, Twitter profiles, business reviews, website site performance and blogs. You can also monitor the social profiles of others (great for competitor analysis). With reports from Ascendancy Solutions built specifically to your needs, your organisation is empowered to make better decisions. 

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