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Digital Marketing made Easy

Expert S-Commerce
& E-Commerce

The time for online selling is now. We help organisations successfully transition into the world of digital sales, from constructing your website to instituting the organisational changes need to maximise your ability to exploit modern marketing technologies.

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Product Catalogues & Listings

Take your products and services online. Whether it's a product gallery or an online product catalogue and shopping cart we can help you showcase your offerings and structure your digital assets for the conversions that matter to you. This is perfect for restaurants, hotels, spas & personal care services, fashion stores, retailers and companies in the service sector

Customer Relatinoship Management

Don't just sell customers and clients today. Let Ascendancy Solutions advise you on the implementation of effective CRM & database management tactics. We can help you reduce churn and boost customer retention with tools that help you provide individualised service, manage sales teams and see to  customer needs over their lifetime.

Bookings & Event RSVP

Accept bookings for meetings, video conference or in-person and manage staff appointments with an bookings portal and online calendar integrated into your website. Events are also a breeze and can be hosted on your website along with a portal for stunning RSVP invitations. 

Online Payments

Have products to sell? Our suite of services are perfect for multitude of business such as from hotels, restaurants, fashion stores, retail stores and service providers. We help you integrate for secure credit card payments and checkout via WiPay (for TTD), Paypal and other leading, global payment gateways. 

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