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Strategic Marketing and Advertising Services

5 Tips for Running a Business or Working at Home

Updated: May 20, 2020

With COVID-19 keeping us all indoors I thought it would be a great time to share some helpful advice to business owners, budding entrepreneurs and those of you that are now getting acquainted with working at home on how to stay productive during these times of social isolation.

1. Get your Psyche Right It can be as simple as getting out of your pj's and into office attire and can go as deep as giving yourself a full on reality check. The goal is to understand your own personality, what might make you more productive and what may distract and cause you to procrastinate. Some people can work very well, never getting out of bed and keeping things cozy. While for others, like this author a regular morning routine, getting up early, working out and donning office attire better set the productive spirit in motion.

2. Create and work with a Schedule Despite now being the master of your own time, guess what, the rest of the world hasn't changed. Use your newly found freedom to maximise your productivity. Pay attention to making the best use of productive hours while your customers are open for business. Another great tip which I can't recommend enough is starting each day by creating a to-do list or action plan. With no-one looking over your shoulder it's really up to you to make the day's work count.

3. Leverage Technology to your advantage We all have experience working in an office with poor systems that only serve to frustrate. Now with freedom to design your own workflows why not leverage technology to make your life easier. Basics should include a high speed internet connection, good smart phone and a dedicated work computer. There is a lot of technology available in 2020, whether in the form of online ads, email campaigns, e-commerce stores or virtual bookings systems among other fantastic workflow innovations. Don't underestimate how the right technology can make working from home a high performance breeze.

4. Create a Dedicated Workspace While working from the comfort of your couch all day might seem like the life, working in an area you're accustomed to lounging in might not be the best idea. Apart from associating your relaxation zone with work, it's counterintuitive to a performance mindset. You'll be better off setting up a structured workspace to really get you into that productive mindset, especially if you need to get away from your family a bit to really focus.

5. Learn How and When to Switch Off Some of us are a bit hard to stop when we get going. It's alright, you just need to learn when to switch off and take a break from your work. Perhaps going out into your backyard for some sun or working exclusively during assigned hours can help. The goal is to avoid burning out and to ensure you don't get down from being indoors way more than you're accustomed to. Pay attention to your stressors and be mindful of your mental health.

Truth be told it's a personal journey to discovering which setup and arrangement will work best for you but if you start with these basic tips I'm sure you'll be great. Remember to be patient through the settling in process and as always, keep aiming for excellence.

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